ShortPixel Honest Review, Optimize all your website images and make it load faster!

ShortPixel Honest Review

I wanted to share with you my real experience of using the ShortPixel WordPress Plugin.

ShortPixel Honest Review
ShortPixel Honest Review

If you have your blog sites, e-commerce, or landing pages you will need something to optimize your images to make your websites load faster and stable.

Did you know the fast websites are ranking better on Google? Of course, your website visitors will not wait for your site's loading. When they feel it's slow, they will move out.

My new website performance score is "D." Even though all other "RECOMMENDATION" is A.

So, I purchased ShortPixel to test out to make my site better for me and visitors.

I just completed running the ShortPixel. But, it was not able to optimize all images because most of my images are from a different site. Anyways, I could see some difference, actually a big one.

Look at the Fully Loaded Time.

It was 9.3s before and jumped to 2.3s. It's huge.

I also tested on my other site. It's called OnlineBusiness . com

Let's compare without ShortPixel installed and with installed.

I was stunned by how powerful it is to use the ShortPixel to my sites.

Now, I want to share even more exciting news. ShortPixel is now offering the best deal. You can pay only one time and use the ShortPixel WordPress plugin to all your sites.

If you have under 5 blog sites, you will need just the first option. If you run some e-commerce site and if you have a plan to expand more e-commerce stores, I highly suggest getting the highest one. I personally got the highest to cover all my blog sites and e-commerce sites.

As I am an old user to the ShortPixel, I highly recommend this great opportunity to try out the ShortPixel because they will get you money back in 60 days no matter what.

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ShortPixel Honest Review

ShortPixel Honest Review

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