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Productive Life

Productive Life
Productive Life–Photographer: Isaac Smith | Source: Unsplash

I need to do something productive? Read this my short article 🙂

Productive Life
I need to do something productive?

I just received an email "You're a writing machine!" I think I am. I write in English and Korean versions that needs some efforts and time. If you want to become a productive person, I highly suggest starting your blog sites adding images, videos, and excellent writing skills.

Even though, not many people will respond to your blog sites instantly, but will after a few months or years.

It's a huge plus to start your own business someday in the near future.

Your blogs probably would become a huge practice and experience.

Learn Online Business-Productive life
Learn Online Business-Productive life–Photographer: Bonnie Kittle | Source: Unsplash

We don't know our future; we can prepare something cool and new on online before the machine invades our job markets 😛

I don't think this will happen in a few months or years. But, maybe after 10 years or before that time.

It sounds crazy, right? But, many experts are saying that this will happen one day in our lifetime. Do you remember 10 years from today?

I was a College student and using the folder phone and browse Google with it.

I have never imagined I will use my Samsung note smartphone to watch Youtube videos and start my online business.

15 years ago? Still, many households used a modem, and mine was AOL. I learned how fast it is changing our life depending on devices, machines.

Productive life
Productive Life–Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

Nowadays, it's booming to make their Youtube channels and share their experiences and skills to the world. They will instantly notice that not only Americans or English speakers watch their videos and leave comments. Thank you, developers! We now can learn anything outside of our society.

Did you watch the Billboard 2019? Do you know who BTS is? They are a Korean boy band. It's my first time seeing people are interested in an Asian boy band. I was impressed.

Internet space is one big community. There are only two split members, none active internet users, and internet users.

I am not a prophet. I cannot imagine what will happen next to our lives. But, one thing to earn your online experience will not hurt you.

If you use Social Media, keep updating the new your interesting contents. It does not have to be a long essay. Just a few hashtags will help others find you. So convenient.

Blogs could be the next thing. But, I highly suggest starting today.

Blogs-Productive Life
Blogs-Productive Life–Photographer: Corinne Kutz | Source: Unsplash

WordPress blogs will be perfect for you. If you do not have your experience to build your blog sites, contact me. I will help you to find the most affordable but powerful way to build your blog sites.

Erin Pak Channel
Erin Pak Channel

I make some software review videos on my Youtube Channel. You can find me here. I also make Korean version videos, how to make money online.

I make some software review videos on my Youtube Channel. You can find me here. I also make Korean version videos, how to make money online.

I am talking about Dropshipping, SEO, the Website, selling products for both digital and products, Amazon, eBay, and so much more.

Productive Life could be anything you love

Productive Life could be anything you love
Productive Life could be anything you love–Photographer: Tyler Nix | Source: Unsplash

What if you want to make earrings? Or furniture? You will still need a website to promote to sell or show others. Open a small business? Yes, you need something for others to find your store. Old generations will still use letters, offline.

South Korea 5G internet service
South Korea 5G internet service–Photographer: Thomas Jensen | Source: Unsplash

In South Korea, they use the highest speed internet. Free Wifi is everywhere. They will launch the 5G internet very soon.

15 years ago when I was using the modem to connect the internet in the USA, they used the high-speed internet what I am using today (for example, Comcast).

When we used the folder type phones in the USA, they used touch screen phones.

I am middle 30 years old, and my parents are 60s. They are using smartphones to search and watching Youtube videos on the bus, subway, car, markets, bedroom, bathroom, etc. My grandmas carry their smartphones and use them to do a video chat.

Offline marketing is still working. But not that much impactive in South Korea.

"Remarkably, the number of small businesses in the United States has increased by 49% in the last 35 years. U.S. Small Business Administration also reports that more than 500,000 adults in the USA started their businesses each month in 2014." by How to start your successful Dropshipping Business

If you have not started your online blogs, shops, website, it's not too late. You will become a more productive person for sure.

Happy Productive Life
Happy Productive Life– Photographer: DESIGNECOLOGIST | Source: Unsplash

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