Unicorn cake topper [25% OFF AMAZON COUPON DEAL]

Unicorn cake topper [25% OFF AMAZON COUPON DEAL]

Unicorn cake topper: Rainbow and Unicorn Happy Birthday Cake Topper

unicorn cake topper
Unicorn cake topper


Hey Unicorn Lovers, today is Day 1 of 4. If your loved one's birthday is coming, I've got an Amazon deal for you!
Our Amazon Coupon is for 25% OFF.


🧐 GOLD color and RAINBOW designed acrylic happy birthday unicorn party cake topper is the must-have set for the unicorn theme party
🧐REUSABLE unicorn cake decorating kit is made by "gold cloth" that is not easy to break
🧐Not only the decoration of the cake, but you can also use the toppers for the cupcake
🧐GIRLS BEST UNICORN CAKE TOPPER can use for/with the baby shower, wedding decor, kitchen decor, birthday sash, flowers, unicorn horn and eyelash, unicorn candle, balloon, and unicorn dress with a necklace
🧐High Quality SMOOTH SURFACE-Please check the video on the middle of the listing. DIMENSION – Approx. 5.5 inch (Width) x 5.3 inch (height)

😍Why do girls love Unicorns?

"Horses and unicorns — these are all borderland creatures; gateway animals to other worlds. They help us imagine wonderful other ways of being in the world. They let us be cowgirls and oceanographers and mermaids and princesses."-Laurel Braitman

"I think for many young girls, there's a fantasy that someday you will be recognized as the secretly beautiful, magical thing that you are."-Rastogi

To get your coupon code, visit the link https://unicorncake.projects.webpages.one/

Unicorn cake topper

Is Smart Member Scam..?

Is Smart Member Scam..?

Is Smart Member Scam..?

I really hope not..

Smart Member Scam.
Photographer: Stefan Spassov | Source: Unsplash

I purchased their lifetime deal years ago, and they constantly added new features. I thought I found a golden entrepreneur full of trustworthy.

But, I was wrong.

They don't support any of their software: no support ticket, no responding to their emails. No one cares about their promises.

Photographer: Dmitry Ratushny | Source: Unsplash

I recently tried to find any information about this vendor, so many negative feedbacks only left behind.

They seem to expand their business more and more and fail and fail. Right after the Smart Member membership software, they started to have a community as if a school to teach people about the entrepreneurship.

I remember to join their program was around $1000~$3000 or more.

Now, I can find so many upset students and team members who joined.

Photographer: Andre Hunter | Source: Unsplash

They are now trying to open another business model.

I keep realizing that I should never invest in the new software developer team or the business members.

In my experience, the average online software lifetime is about max three years. We can't identify who would abandon their promises.

But, one thing, I always caution to the leader who speaks too well in front of the camera. Not all, but most of them are only purposely to sell their products, not keep their promises.

I really hope the Smart Member is not a scam. But, It seems the software would not support the customers. They are still alive, but https errors and no ways to contact their team.

To learn more about the quality software; you can subscribe to this YouTube Channel.

Or you can subscribe to my email list.

Smart Member Scam

My Amazon seller Account is Suspended!

My Amazon seller Account is Suspended!

My Amazon seller Account is Suspended!

Amazon seller Account is Suspended!
Photographer: Helloquence | Source: Unsplash

Amazon seller Account is Suspended!

I hear it a lot from the other Amazon sellers.

Yes, this could be you or me if we do not understand about the Amazon policy. Please check the image below.

Amazon seller Account is Suspended
Amazon seller Account is Suspended

It's a message from the Amazon to the seller that the account has been suspended and all his listings are closed.

Amazon is asking for the product Invoice that he was selling. Unfortunately, he does not have the invoice. I have no idea why and what he was trying to do. All I can see in the letter shows that this seller sold the counterfeit product(s).

I can easily find fake products that have high leveled, well-made ones. And, some sellers think that's the money to sell. If you sell these products on Amazon, what happens? Suddenly, your account will be suspended, and all listings will be deleted.

Amazon holds your money for two weeks. You will not get money from the Amazon.

This seller who received the message from the Amazon might not be possible to provide the real invoice if he already knew his products are counterfeit.

Valuable products have unique numbers on each product. Let's imagine he was selling the Rolex watches. He can consider buying the real Rolex watch and send the invoice to the Amazon to pretend that he was reselling the Rolex watches. This is one of the methods other experienced sellers teach on their online courses.

If you do a dropshipping on Amazon, you would sometimes receive a message from the Amazon requesting to provide the invoice.

To use the Amazon platform to sell the products are possible to succeed in your selling business. But, as increasing the number of sellers and consumers, counterfeit cases are also increasing. It happened to the eBay.

I purchased many electronic products at eBay before Amazon became popular. And, I ended up losing money for the counterfeit products. It is the best platform for selling fake ones in a short time. If they have many negative feedbacks, they delete the eBay account and easily recreate one again. And repeat.

Amazon offers a free return to customers. If it's a counterfeit product, Amazon immediately suspends the seller's account and ask for an invoice.

If you consider selling the fake products on Amazon, stop thinking about it. It's too easy to return as a customer and easy losing money as a seller.

To provide a good product will be a shortcut for becoming a successful business owner.

To learn business software, you can subscribe the Youtube Channel

How to create Amazon Listing Variations or merge

How to create Amazon Listing Variations or merge

How to create Amazon Listing Variations or merge other listings?

Amazon Listing Variations
Amazon Variation

If you are trying to create a Variation-s- under the listing does not have a parent listing, you want to check this information.

I contacted the Amazon support team to ask how to create a variation on my existing listing that does not have variations -Child listing-.

They replied back to me with a long process and confusions on each task. They suggested using the Excel template to download from the right category and fill out the product information. I have done this so many times to upload listings if there are more than 5 products.

Yes, it's faster.

But, it takes time and so many errors I found from the listing. And, I had to wait up to 24 hours to check the listing.

So, I tried a different method to create a child listing from the existing active listing that does not have a parent listing.

**PLEASE NOTE:: BEFORE YOU PROCEED THE METHOD, MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR LISTING INFORMATION. Title, Images, and ASIN will automatically merge, but your bullet point, description, and backend keywords will be disappeared. You cannot retrieve the information. When it's gone, it's GONE.

  1. Create a NEW LISTING. Select the right category.
  2. Fill out on the Vital Info page -You can add any title, Skip the UPC code, Fill out the other information such as product manufacturers and brand name-
  3. Offer page to choose the Amazon takes care of all if you will sell as an Amazon Prime. If you missed this part to choose, you could do it after creating a listing.
  4. Go to the Variations to add your existing SKU and ASIN. And, add other variations.
  5. Skip other pages
  6. Hit SAVE and FINISH

Wait for about 12 hours.

When you come back to the listing will start to see your existing listing changed to the child listing.

Now, you can start to add images to other new variations you created.

That's It!

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Amazon Listing Variations

Divi theme website builder discount

Divi theme website builder discount

Divi theme website builder discount

Divi theme website builder discount
Divi theme website builder discount

Happy Divi theme discount!!

I have been using DIVI theme and plugins for over 7 years. Divi theme by Elegant themes has never made me regret to get their lifetime deal since day 1.

Now, I am using the DIVI theme and plugins to my clients' sites and my sites, https://iartidea.com


  • Easy to use and customize
  • Drag and Drop all page designs
  • Design templates and add a new one every month for free
  • No coding skills needed
  • Perfect compatible with WooCommerce
  • Great customer service
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee

They will run only a few days of the special summer sales! Don't miss this huge discount today!

And, I will make some DIVI tutorials and review videos soon, please make sure subscribe to my channel not to miss other deals and tutorials. – Visit Here

How to create beautiful WordPress login pages?

How to create beautiful WordPress login pages?

Beautiful WordPress login

Beautiful WordPress login
Beautiful WordPress login

How to create beautiful WordPress login pages?

If you want the answer to this question, you must check the deal today.

Must have WordPress Login Page Design, LoginPress.

Here are the real feedbacks from LoginPress new purchase customers.

"Best investment for Web Developers & Agencies."

"The easiest plugin I've ever used."

When you visit the discount site, LoginPress, you will immediately check the feedbacks from others.

What is LoginPress?

-Customize login forms and get live previews, changing anything from logos to backgrounds to text fields

-Generate magic login URLs with no need for a password, rename your login page URL, and limit/track login attempts

-Redirect users based on their roles and usernames, log in with social media, and add a login widget into your blog sidebar

-Best for: Freelancers, bloggers, agencies, and those looking to jazz up and secure their login pages

Whenever you want to login to the WordPress backend or for your users to log in to their account, you may want to hide the default WordPress login page; because

You want a professional log in design

You want to hide that you are using WordPress from hacker or users

These are the reason I got LoginPress.

LoginPress has an additional feature to redirect users to a specific page whenever they log in to their account.

This feature will be very handful when your clients are not familiar with WordPress. WordPress is built for user-friendly, but WordPress needs a learning process to understand where they need to access to create a new post or some other features.

Instead of telling them where to click, you can make an individual user redirect to a specific page.

Of course, LoginPress will hide the login. Hackers usually use their bots to try to find the ID and Password to your WordPress site.

They will visit www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin. "WP-ADMIN" is the universal and default to log in to the WordPress backend. So, you want to change the login page that bots cannot be found.

Are you interested in to get a discount on LoginPress? You won't be disappointed with the price and their powerful features. You can check the discount today.

Beautiful WordPress login

10Web Discount, All In One Managing all WordPress

10Web Discount, All In One Managing all WordPress

10Web Discount, All In One Managing all WordPress

10Web Discount
10Web Discount

I recently purchased 10Web for managing all my websites in one dashboard.

10Web Discount
10Web Discount

If you have just one WordPress site will be so much easier to manage. But, if you have more than 10 websites, you need something to update all your plugins and theme up to date to make sure the hackers will not enter your sites.

10web provides a Google hosting a free of charge for 1 year. But, you don't need to use their hosting. You can keep your sites from somewhere else, and connect with 10web.

Here are the features you can do with 10web.


This is one of the top problems for WordPress users not to update plugins and theme. The top WordPress developers always announce that hackers will enter your site that is not up to date plugins and theme.

And, Plugins and Theme supposed to compatible together, but old updated plugins will not work with new updated plugins and theme. That means your website will corrupt and start to see the error messages anywhere. Unfortunately, WordPress is a machine made by code, not an AI. It's silent if they are sick or old. And, start to see the issue. When it happens, you have to uninstall all plugins and install one by one to find which plugin has an issue. Inside of the plugins page, you can install or delete.

And scheduling update daily weekly or monthly.

Not only that 10web provides Performance score.

+Test your website's load time.

+Find Speed Issues

+Get Useful Optimization Tips for Performance Boost

Image Optimization

When you add a high-quality heavy image, your site will need power and time to load it for your users. Even though you have a powerful hosting provider, the user will feel it's a bit slow to load that image. So, 10web added Image Optimization feature to make sure your site needs less work, but still not breaking image quality and load faster.


Backup is one of the top priority works to do for all website owners. WordPress site can be broken at anywhere and any reason. Once it happens, it will hard to fix without a pro developer involved. Nowadays, some hosting companies provide daily or weekly backup files for you. Or you can find tons of other plugin developers offer a good backup plugin. But, what if you have more than 3 WordPress sites will costly and need time to check each site for the backup files. Over years of my experience with WordPress, you will definitely need at least weekly Backups.


Without your website SEO, your targeted visitors will hard to find your website. It's the fact that there are millions of sites are out there to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to their online marketing agencies to build links and promote their businesses. It doesn't matter which hosting companies you are using or plugin, you will need at least a basic knowledge to understand how the search algorithm works. You can follow step by step what 10Web suggests for you.


When I first time built a website, I didn't know about the 10Web. I built a website anything I want. And I broke several times. If I knew 10Web security feature, I would not go a hard way to understand how important it is. The security feature will show all red flag links to fix, so the hacker will less chance to enter your website.

Usage Summary

I know you want to have a statistic of how many visitors you have daily. Usage Summary will provide you analytics, the total storage of your database and files.

Once you click on Enable to all features, 10web will install each plugin for you to your website.

If you want to add your website, you can click on the ADD WEBSITE.

There are two options to install a brand new website using 10Web's hosting or connect your website with 10web.

I was thinking to create a website using 10Web since Elementor, drag and drop website design tool and plugins already installed; complete design first and use backup files to migrate to my hosting.

With using 10web hosting, you can use their subdomain and connect your website later or use your own domain name right away.

I already created one. You can check the default website design by clicking EYE icon, W for the backend. Three dots to remove your website.

Before I show you the backend site, I want to show you one great feature if you use 10Web hosting.

Click Manage, and you will find Live Environment.

You can choose the option to change Live or Staging. If the site is for client's, to hide a new design and process, you can choose the Staging Environment option. Or, if you want to test out new plugins and some fancy codes you want to add, Staging Environment option will be a good choice.

Now, you are looking at the default Backend site with 10Web hosting.

Speed is great, and some plugins installed already.

I always go to the settings to work on Site Title, Tagline, and Timezone.

And, move to the Permalinks to choose Post name option. Well, it's already selected for me.

I go to the Appearance to delete all unused themes.

And, go to the Pages to add Homepage.

Plugins page to install my plugins. You can delete or add any plugins you want.

And, I start to use Elementor to create each page design. If you use another design tool, you can delete Elementor and install it to your site.

If you want to check your account details, you can click the icon on the top right.

What do you think about the 10Web? I purchased 2 codes for 60 connects sites without using their hosting, 3 sites for using their hosting with 10 GB SSD Storage. After testing and making this video, I decided to get more codes.

I think I will mainly use 10Web for all my sites and clients.

I really hope you understand the 10Web. And grab the deal before they are gone.

10Web Discount

10Web Discount

Customize login page wordpress

Customize login page wordpress

Customize login page wordpress

Customize login page wordpress
Customize login page wordpress Photographer: Web Hosting | Source: Unsplash
Customize login page wordpress
Customize login page wordpress

If you know how to use WordPress, it's limitless because you can build a blog site, images and video site, membership site, tutorial video site, selling digital and physical products, and so much more. If your WordPress sites are for your personal use only, you may not need to customize the login page. But, what if your users need your login page in order to download or follow up their orders from your website?

You would want to hide login URL address that you are using WordPress, or make some fancy design to make them believe your website is not temporary as if other WordPress unsupported ordinary sites.

I have been working as a website agency for years, and I have received so many requests to hide or redesign the login page for their business.

So, I want to share with you one simple solution; use the premium plugin, LoginPress.

+Customize login forms and get live previews, changing anything from logos to backgrounds to text fields

+Generate magic login URLs with no need for a password, rename your login page URL, and limit/track login attempts

+Redirect users based on their roles and usernames, log in with social media, and add a login widget into your blog sidebar

+Best for: Freelancers, bloggers, agencies, and those looking to jazz up and secure their login pages

Not only customize the login page design and the URL, but you can also make your website login users redirect to any pages you want.

For example, if I am a blogger. The website owner can use LoginPress to set me up to the posting page when I log in to the site backend.

More Awesome Features:

Pre-Designed login templates

Our Pre-designed templates are just one click away. You can use these to wow! your login screens.

login page background

Edit login page background, add your favorite images at the background. You can add plain colors as well.

Google reCAPTCHA

Introducing the new reCAPTCHA feature. Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease.

Custom JS

Customize your login page in more advanced way using our Custom JS area. Add your JS there and make your login page more advanced.

Google Fonts

Now you can make your login page WOW! with google fonts.

login form style

You can style login form fields, buttons, labels and colors. Almost everything in a form.

Custom login error messages

You can change every error message whether it is on login form, forgot password form or register form.

Add login page footer

We call login page footer area under the login form fields

Your logo on login screen

You can easily change your logo image, update title text, add links, customize the sizing and spaces.

Forget form style

You can style forget form fields, buttons, labels and colors. Almost everything in a form.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS area which can Customize login page in more advanced way. It is Recommended for advanced users.

More features are coming

We are working hard so we can provide unlimited features in LoginPress.


Auto Login

This LoginPress addon lets you (Adminstrator) generates a unique URL for your certain users who you don’t want to provide a password to login into your site. This Pro addon gives you a list of all the users who you have given auto generated login links. You can disable someones access and delete certain users.

Social Login

Social login from LoginPress is an addon which provides facility your users to login and Register via Facebook, Google and Twitter. This addon will eliminate the Spam and Bot registrations. This addon will help your users to hassle free registrations/logins on your site.

Login Widget

This LoginPress addon is a widget you can use into your blog sidebar. It uses an Ajax way to login via the sidebar. You may need to know HTML/CSS to give it style according to your site even we have styled it in general.

Limit Login Attempts

Everybody needs a control of their Login page. This will help you to track your login attempts by each user. You can limit the login attempts for each user. Brute force attacks are the most common way to gain access to your website. This addon acts as a sheild to these hacking attacks and gives you control to set the time between each login attempts.

Hide/Rename Login

This LoginPress addon lets you change the login page URL to anything you want. It will give a hard time to spammers who keep hitting to your login page. This is helpful for Brute force attacks. One caution to use this addon is you need to remember the custom login url after you change it. We have an option to email your custom login url so you remember it.

Login Redirects

Redirect users based on their roles and specific usernames. This is helpful If you have an editor and want to redirect him to his editor stats page. Restrict your subscribers, guests or even customers to certain pages instead of wp-admin. This addon has a cool UX/UI to manage all the login redirects you have created on your site.

Here is their RoadMap, https://wpbrigade.com/roadmap-loginpress

LoginPress's already verified from many of their customers. To check a real review, Click This Link.

Customize login page wordpress

Customize login page wordpress

Customize login page wordpress

Text message marketing strategies 2019 – Software to generate sales, tips, and my stories

Text message marketing strategies 2019 - Software to generate sales, tips, and my stories

Text message marketing strategies 2019 – Software to generate sales, tips, and my stories

Text message marketing
Text message marketing


"Oh, I received a text message. It's from my favorite deal site; I should check their freebies now!"

No spams,

It's a real customer never miss your message if you use the Text Message Marketing.

With Textly WordPress plugin, you can use their optin form and collect phone numbers. Whenever you have your promotion, send them a special text message.

You don't need your phone number to send a text message. No setup is required. All hand free.

Still, need more information? Check here

Watch Software Review

Text message marketing 2019

Unlimited Pro Images Download and Login to the StockUnlimited free for 3 years

Unlimited Pro Images Download and Login to the StockUnlimited free for 3 years

Unlimited Pro Images Download and Login to the StockUnlimited free for 3 years

Unlimited Pro Images
Unlimited Pro Images

Are you looking for unlimited premium images download? Then, you should check the deal today.

We wanted to share with you one great discount today! It's Stock Unlimited free access for three years!

* Choose from over 1 million royalty-free assets that include graphics, photos, fonts, and icons

* Browse a huge selection of audio files for your music and sound effect needs

* Customize and edit images for social media with the StockUnlimited Editor

* Best for: Freelancers, start-ups, and bloggers looking for beautiful images at a fraction of the cost

You will find both Vectors and Premium Images for your blogs, Video thumbnails, and you name it!

To have a high quality, and secured from the image hunters, you always keep in mind to use the licensed right images for your projects.

If you find any random images from Google, you should not use it. It's not because of somebody else's images. There are some companies hiring full-time technicians and developers to scan thousands of websites to find who uses their licensed images. They will find your name, phone numbers, address to contact you about three times, and they will toss it to their lawyers. That's how they earn money. It doesn't matter your site is a small and personal, they will find you anyways.

So, it's deadly important to use the right photo for your online space.

One of the solutions to prevent any headaches and extra money spent to purchase images one by one, Stock Unlimited is the one you can check it out. It's unlimited download photos at an affordable price.

To use FREE source images, they don't promise you to protect you. Of course, it's very limited to find the right images.

When Stock Unlimited website launched to the public, they offered a lifetime download images. But, now they are offering 3 years. And, I am sure they will no longer to offer unlimited anymore soon.

If you have not checked the deal yet, you can click the link today! If the site shows it's Sold Out, Then you missed it 🙁

Access to the StockUnlimited Discount!

Unlimited Pro Images