Is Smart Member Scam..?

Is Smart Member Scam..?

I really hope not..

Smart Member Scam.
Photographer: Stefan Spassov | Source: Unsplash

I purchased their lifetime deal years ago, and they constantly added new features. I thought I found a golden entrepreneur full of trustworthy.

But, I was wrong.

They don't support any of their software: no support ticket, no responding to their emails. No one cares about their promises.

Photographer: Dmitry Ratushny | Source: Unsplash

I recently tried to find any information about this vendor, so many negative feedbacks only left behind.

They seem to expand their business more and more and fail and fail. Right after the Smart Member membership software, they started to have a community as if a school to teach people about the entrepreneurship.

I remember to join their program was around $1000~$3000 or more.

Now, I can find so many upset students and team members who joined.

Photographer: Andre Hunter | Source: Unsplash

They are now trying to open another business model.

I keep realizing that I should never invest in the new software developer team or the business members.

In my experience, the average online software lifetime is about max three years. We can't identify who would abandon their promises.

But, one thing, I always caution to the leader who speaks too well in front of the camera. Not all, but most of them are only purposely to sell their products, not keep their promises.

I really hope the Smart Member is not a scam. But, It seems the software would not support the customers. They are still alive, but https errors and no ways to contact their team.

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Smart Member Scam

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