Modula deal review

Modula deal review

Modula deal review, the best image and video Gallery plugin

Modula deal review
Modula deal review

If you are using the WordPress, you want to check Modula powerful gallery plugin deal today.

I am using WordPress for all my blog sites, PBN, and E-commerce sites. Sometimes, the default gallery option is not enough to load photos or customizable. So, I used some premium recurring payment gallery plugins for my sites to make a better design.

Good Website Design makes my visitors remember my sites.

Good Website Design
Good Website Design Photographer: Hal Gatewood | Source: Unsplash

There are tons of the way to make traffics to your websites, both paid or none paid. But, once your visitors finally find my websites, but they leave instantly because my sites are load slower or design is sucks.

Here are Modula's DEAL features::

-Optimize your images and kiss slow-loading galleries goodbye

-Customize gallery column dimensions across devices and resize images as you see fit

-Add filters to your images for better organization and easily mix video into your galleries

-Best for: Artists, photographers, and other creative professionals with masterpieces to show off

None of the other WordPress plugin deals, I can find so many positive feedbacks about this plugin, so I also purchased the deal.

There are two versions of the deal. Both of them are a one-time cost, under $100. If you are website agencies, you can purchase 2 codes for unlimited websites to use the plugin. Or, just one code for 5 sites is also the good option.

Since the Modula deal is unique and temporary, you can grab the deal first and think about your gallery later. Not only the images, but you can also add videos and optimize them to load much faster.

I make some software review videos, you can check other awesome deals.

Modula deal review

AudioHero Review, One time fee a huge discount

AudioHero Review, One time fee a huge discount

AudioHero Review, One time fee a huge discount

AudioHero Review
AudioHero Review

If you are making videos for the Youtube channel, you really don't want to miss the AudioHero deal for today.

AudioHero is an audio stock website that you can use your credits to download music and sound effect.


– Unlock an audio gold mine of 250,000+ royalty-free music and sound effects

– Use your 3,000 credits to add killer sounds to your marketing materials, social channels, videos, and more

– Pick the right tune with a simple search or an audio-based search

– Best for: Content creators and marketers looking to add high-quality sounds without paying a ton of fees

Once you check the AudioHero stock website, you can simply play some music to listen and decide to use your credits to download or not.
(You do not need to log in or credit card number is required)

Must have Deal for YouTube Channel
Must have Deal for YouTube Channel- Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

If you don't need any sound effect, but running your Youtube Channel business, I highly recommend to get the AudioHero deal today.

Some of my users share their thoughts of my videos to make my videos better. One of the suggestions I heard often was the excitement of my voice. I tried it in many different versions to my sounds and facial expressions excitement. But, I was not enough to make it. So, I used background music.

My background music made my videos more emotionally approached to my audience.

If you create kids or baby contents, you will need music and sound effect a lot.

baby video
Photographer: Rodrigo Pereira | Source: Unsplash

In order to use music without hassle and copyrights issue, you can use AudioHero music collections.

You can find some wedding, party, piano, slow, exciting, and joyful music. There are tons of categories you can choose it from.

The AudioHero deal will not available soon, so please make sure to click the link to check more details.

You can click here to visit the AudioHero Deal website.

AudioHero Review and DEAL

Droplr review, make a screenshot, and share with your clients immediately.

Droplr review, make a screenshot, and share with your clients immediately.

Droplr review, make a screenshot, and share with your clients immediately.

Droplr review
Droplr review

Do you have your clients that need to share your files and images instantly? Then, you want to check the deal for today.

I make software review videos by using the Camtasia lifetime deal software. I make a lot of screenshots and add these images to my videos. I also share these images with my video viewers. It's so convenient to share your screenshots with others if you use Droplr.

Make a screenshot, the unique URL will be generated, and share it. Simple!

**Interested the deal? You can click here

All these processes will be done immediately.

Droplr review
Droplr review

-When you launch a screen recording from the chrome app, you have the option to record your face

-mp4 recordings can be up to 1hr

You can also use 3rd party integrations.

blog site owners
blog site owners- Photographer: Andrew Neel | Source: Unsplash

If you are a blog site owners, you will need Droplr. Why?

Sometimes you want to make your images load faster. One of the ways you can do is using another server instead of yours for images and files. Of course, you can use Droplr to load your images and files at your websites.

The best part of the Droplr is you can make folders inside of the Droplr dashboard and share them all at once to your clients and anywhere you want. Moreover, you can generate the password and expiration date of your sharing files.

Another stunning Droplr feature, you can make a screenshot first and draw forms such as circle, rectangular, arrow, and more to send a thorough message.

+Skip the wordy emails with annotated screenshots and screencasts that help you explain complex processes and report bugs faster

+Transfer up to 10 GB of files at supersonic speeds with simple drag-and-drop options

+Share your files with customized shortened links that use your company’s name and logo

+Best for: Designers, support reps, agencies, and remote workers looking to collaborate smarter

With the lifetime deal, you will get, Lifetime access to Droplr's Pro Plan




**Capture screenshots and screencasts


**Receive a file from client up to 10 GB

**All future plan updates

**Stack up to 5 codes

**60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Stack up to 5 codes?

You don't need to purchase all 5 codes. The only one code will be fine.

One code, you will get 5 TB storage and up to 10 users.

If you get all 5 codes, you will get unlimited storage + up to 50 users.

(Other users can be used your login dashboard and share)

If you have concerned about the Droplr security, please read below.

1. Data is encrypted in transit via SSL. Any backups are encrypted and deleted after a set period of time.

2. All data is stored in AWS in the us-west-2 region (Oregon).

1. Data is encrypted in transit via SSL. Any backups are encrypted and deleted after a set period of time.

2. All data is stored in AWS in the us-west-2 region (Oregon).

3. For more info: Click Here



Data Hosting and Storage

Droplr services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities (us-west-2) in the USA.

Failover and Disaster Recovery

Droplr was built with disaster recovery in mind. All of our infrastructure are spread across 3 AWS availability zones and will continue to work should any one of those data centers fail.

Virtual Private Cloud

All of our servers are within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control lists (ACLs) that prevent unauthorized requests getting to our internal network.

Back Ups and Monitoring

Droplr makes snapshot-based backups of datastores that contain customer and drops data. Backups are stored in at least two geographically separated locations. We produce audit logs for all activity and use ELK stack and Google BigQuery for log and abuse analysis. AWS S3 is used for archival purposes.

Permissions and Authentication

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their job.

Droplr is served over https and runs a zero-trust corporate network. There are no corporate resources or additional privileges from being on Droplr's network.


All data sent to or from Droplr is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption.

Our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL and score an “A” rating on Qualys SSL Labs‘ tests. This means we only use strong cipher suites.

Incident Response

Droplr implements a protocol for handling security events which includes escalation procedures, rapid mitigation and post mortem. All employees are informed of our policies.

You can visit the security page to check more information

I found information at here

**Interested the deal? You can click here


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ShortPixel Honest Review, Optimize all your website images and make it load faster!

ShortPixel Honest Review, Optimize all your website images and make it load faster!

ShortPixel Honest Review

I wanted to share with you my real experience of using the ShortPixel WordPress Plugin.

ShortPixel Honest Review
ShortPixel Honest Review

If you have your blog sites, e-commerce, or landing pages you will need something to optimize your images to make your websites load faster and stable.

Did you know the fast websites are ranking better on Google? Of course, your website visitors will not wait for your site's loading. When they feel it's slow, they will move out.

My new website performance score is "D." Even though all other "RECOMMENDATION" is A.

So, I purchased ShortPixel to test out to make my site better for me and visitors.

I just completed running the ShortPixel. But, it was not able to optimize all images because most of my images are from a different site. Anyways, I could see some difference, actually a big one.

Look at the Fully Loaded Time.

It was 9.3s before and jumped to 2.3s. It's huge.

I also tested on my other site. It's called OnlineBusiness . com

Let's compare without ShortPixel installed and with installed.

I was stunned by how powerful it is to use the ShortPixel to my sites.

Now, I want to share even more exciting news. ShortPixel is now offering the best deal. You can pay only one time and use the ShortPixel WordPress plugin to all your sites.

If you have under 5 blog sites, you will need just the first option. If you run some e-commerce site and if you have a plan to expand more e-commerce stores, I highly suggest getting the highest one. I personally got the highest to cover all my blog sites and e-commerce sites.

As I am an old user to the ShortPixel, I highly recommend this great opportunity to try out the ShortPixel because they will get you money back in 60 days no matter what.

That's it for this video. If you liked my video please thumbs up and subscribe my channel to watch other upcoming videos.

Subscribe my Youtube channel

ShortPixel Honest Review

ShortPixel Honest Review

Hire Remote Workers for your business?

Hire Remote Workers for your business?

Hire Remote Workers – Is Your Business Ready to Hire Remote Workers? by Lindsay Pietroluongo

Hire Remote Workers
Hire Remote Workers – Photographer: Thought Catalog | Source: Unsplash

My dad worked from a home office for years, long before it was common or popular to have a commute as short as the hallway. He turned my brother’s old bedroom into an office, and he outfitted it with everything he needed. It was fully functional, stocked with all the supplies a stationery-obsessed college girl could want.

When I moved out of my childhood home and into my own apartment, a two-bedroom so I could set up a home office too, I started to realize how different our jobs were.

He was an AT&T manager who worked from home full-time. He had meetings to attend, the rest of his team knew when he was on the clock and if he wanted to take time off, he put in a request.

freelancerPhotographer: Daria Nepriakhina | Source: Unsplash

As a freelancer, I didn’t have any of those requirements. I even tried juggling a glass of wine with an article deadline one of my first afternoons as a freelancer (don’t do it, trust me). Freelancers have a lot on their shoulders in terms of creating a workspace that’s supportive of their career and lifestyle, but companies with a distributed workforce have to figure out how to do that for all of their employees. They also have to set up communication paths so that collaboration is smooth. It’s a tall order.

Technology has made it possible for employees to work from home (WFH) often and for some companies to be 100% remote. Tech also changed the perception of remote work, as well as common working locations and the notion of traditional hours. Most importantly, modern companies feel that employees don’t have to gather in the same location in order for them to do their job well.

Types of Remote Workers

Remote workers are not the same as freelancers, though they share similarities. Additionally, an employee who WFH now and then is not the same as a person who works remotely full-time. Each type of employee has their own office setups, expectations, requirements and schedules.

In-Office Team with Flexibility

Today, many companies have office space in a central location but allow employees to WFH on occasion, such as:

  • An employee has a medical or personal event scheduled, like a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with their child’s teacher. In these cases, working from home is an alternative to taking a sick or personal day, and the company won’t be quite as short-handed for the day.
  • The employee has recurring WFH days because they’re better able to focus on certain projects from the peace and quiet of their house.
  • There’s an early meeting to attend and the employee has a long commute to the office.

Since these situations call for only infrequent WFH days, the employee’s home office isn’t optimized for full-time work. They may be missing any of the following:

  • Dedicated office or workspace
  • Reliable, fast Internet
  • Necessary equipment, like a printer or scanner
  • Office supplies and work-related software
  • Childcare or pet care

These employees deviate from the normal routine once in a while and make do with what they have. However, their home isn’t necessarily ready for full-time productivity and success. Here are two more issues that may arise:

  • The WFH employee may miss out on important conversations and decisions by being away from normal, daily work conversation.
  • For in-office employees, the workday gets interrupted if it takes a while to prep and test the tech needed so the WFH employee can attend a meeting.

Employers who’d like to allow employees to WFH on occasion should carefully choose the days when this is most convenient for the entire team. Company-wide guidelines can clarify when an employee can take a WFH day. For example, maybe WFH days are only approved if there aren’t scheduled meetings, other WFH employees or an excessive number of WFH days that month.

100% Remote Team

On the other end of the spectrum is the fully-remote team. This means that there’s no central office and that every person who’s part of the company works remotely. Here are some ways that remote teams are positioned for success:

  • Remote workers need a dedicated workspace that’s closed off from the rest of the house. They don’t work on outside projects during the workday or act as the primary caregiver for a relative or child. Typically, remote workers aren’t watching movies, cleaning their kitchen or going out for a run in the middle of their workday. They’re in their workspace, just like they would be in an office.
  • There are clear standards for when the employee will start and stop working, when and how they’ll be available, and when they’re not expected to work. Remote workers have to avoid burnout just like freelancers because there’s a temptation to always be working when it’s so accessible.
  • Communication is primarily digital. Team members can communicate one-on-one, in groups made up of specific people or in open chat channels. At Elegant Themes, we use Slack for that.
  • During meetings, every person participates via video. There aren’t just one or two people seen and heard in the meeting – everyone is present and represented. Holding meetings via video instead of over the phone allows for body language, too, and people don’t talk over one another as much.
  • Those who are not available for a day get up-to-speed when they’re back, and they’re still involved in decision making. They can read the chats they missed or watch a replay of a recorded meeting.
  • Employees have regular check-ins with supervisors to go over performance, deadlines and expectations.
  • The company is responsible for paying for the changes that have to take place in the home. They won’t have to pay for the employee to build a wing for their home office, but they would have to upgrade their WiFi, for example.

Hire Remote Workers

You can find this article at Here

Productive Life, Something useful to do on the internet

Productive Life, Something useful to do on the internet

Productive Life

Productive Life
Productive Life–Photographer: Isaac Smith | Source: Unsplash

I need to do something productive? Read this my short article 🙂

Productive Life
I need to do something productive?

I just received an email "You're a writing machine!" I think I am. I write in English and Korean versions that needs some efforts and time. If you want to become a productive person, I highly suggest starting your blog sites adding images, videos, and excellent writing skills.

Even though, not many people will respond to your blog sites instantly, but will after a few months or years.

It's a huge plus to start your own business someday in the near future.

Your blogs probably would become a huge practice and experience.

Learn Online Business-Productive life
Learn Online Business-Productive life–Photographer: Bonnie Kittle | Source: Unsplash

We don't know our future; we can prepare something cool and new on online before the machine invades our job markets 😛

I don't think this will happen in a few months or years. But, maybe after 10 years or before that time.

It sounds crazy, right? But, many experts are saying that this will happen one day in our lifetime. Do you remember 10 years from today?

I was a College student and using the folder phone and browse Google with it.

I have never imagined I will use my Samsung note smartphone to watch Youtube videos and start my online business.

15 years ago? Still, many households used a modem, and mine was AOL. I learned how fast it is changing our life depending on devices, machines.

Productive life
Productive Life–Photographer: Christian Wiediger | Source: Unsplash

Nowadays, it's booming to make their Youtube channels and share their experiences and skills to the world. They will instantly notice that not only Americans or English speakers watch their videos and leave comments. Thank you, developers! We now can learn anything outside of our society.

Did you watch the Billboard 2019? Do you know who BTS is? They are a Korean boy band. It's my first time seeing people are interested in an Asian boy band. I was impressed.

Internet space is one big community. There are only two split members, none active internet users, and internet users.

I am not a prophet. I cannot imagine what will happen next to our lives. But, one thing to earn your online experience will not hurt you.

If you use Social Media, keep updating the new your interesting contents. It does not have to be a long essay. Just a few hashtags will help others find you. So convenient.

Blogs could be the next thing. But, I highly suggest starting today.

Blogs-Productive Life
Blogs-Productive Life–Photographer: Corinne Kutz | Source: Unsplash

WordPress blogs will be perfect for you. If you do not have your experience to build your blog sites, contact me. I will help you to find the most affordable but powerful way to build your blog sites.

Erin Pak Channel
Erin Pak Channel

I make some software review videos on my Youtube Channel. You can find me here. I also make Korean version videos, how to make money online.

I make some software review videos on my Youtube Channel. You can find me here. I also make Korean version videos, how to make money online.

I am talking about Dropshipping, SEO, the Website, selling products for both digital and products, Amazon, eBay, and so much more.

Productive Life could be anything you love

Productive Life could be anything you love
Productive Life could be anything you love–Photographer: Tyler Nix | Source: Unsplash

What if you want to make earrings? Or furniture? You will still need a website to promote to sell or show others. Open a small business? Yes, you need something for others to find your store. Old generations will still use letters, offline.

South Korea 5G internet service
South Korea 5G internet service–Photographer: Thomas Jensen | Source: Unsplash

In South Korea, they use the highest speed internet. Free Wifi is everywhere. They will launch the 5G internet very soon.

15 years ago when I was using the modem to connect the internet in the USA, they used the high-speed internet what I am using today (for example, Comcast).

When we used the folder type phones in the USA, they used touch screen phones.

I am middle 30 years old, and my parents are 60s. They are using smartphones to search and watching Youtube videos on the bus, subway, car, markets, bedroom, bathroom, etc. My grandmas carry their smartphones and use them to do a video chat.

Offline marketing is still working. But not that much impactive in South Korea.

"Remarkably, the number of small businesses in the United States has increased by 49% in the last 35 years. U.S. Small Business Administration also reports that more than 500,000 adults in the USA started their businesses each month in 2014." by How to start your successful Dropshipping Business

If you have not started your online blogs, shops, website, it's not too late. You will become a more productive person for sure.

Happy Productive Life
Happy Productive Life– Photographer: DESIGNECOLOGIST | Source: Unsplash

Short essay on tree plantation – PLANING A TREE

Short essay on tree plantation - PLANING A TREE

Short essay on tree plantation
PLANING A TREE (BH&G. P. 70, by Barbara Damrosch)

Photographer: Ameer Basheer | Source: Unsplash

Choose the right species, give it a good start, and you'll have a lifelong companion.

One of the great joys of owning a home is planing a tree. It not only creates a sense of permanence but also is an investment that pays off in added curb appeal, shade, privacy, or fruit. Before you grab the first crabapple that catches your eye, though, check with your local extension service or nursery to zero in on the right tree for your needs, climate, and yard size. Also consider a young tree over a maturer one. It will cost less, be easier to plant and adapt more readily to its new home. When determining the planting spot, remember that most tree types won't tolerate waterlogged ground and deep shade. You will also want to leave at least 15 feet between the house and the tree more if the tree will be broad to avoid any damage to your roof or walls.


Because they've adapted to our habitats, North American natives often require less care and benefit our region's wildlife. Our expert Barbara Damrosch suggests the following as well suited to today's more compact yards.


+Washington hawthorn

+American hornbeam

+Shadblow Serviceberry


+Eastern redbud

+Two-winged silverbell

+Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)


+Blue palo verde

+Western redbud


+'Winter King' green hawthorn

+Red Buckeye



+Pacific godwood

+Vine maple

+Sastatoon serviceberry

PLANING A TREE, Nurseries sell trees three ways. Each calls for a slightly different planting technique. (BH&G. P. 70, by Barbara Damrosch)

1. Balled and burlapped

These trees come with a fragile root ball still in this growing soil wrapped in burlap. Balled-and-burlapped trees are more difficult to plant because they're heavy and you want to prevent soil from breaking off, which would expose their vulnerable roots to air. The trick to planting them right on the first try:


Measure the root ball. dig a hole that is as deep as the root ball height and twice as wide. To check the depth, lay a stick across the hole, right, and measure the distance to the bottom.


Measuring is important but not foolproof. To prevent planing too deeply, set sod clumps in the hole. Pull them out from under the ball to lower it as needed. Once positioned, cut and fold back some of the ball's burlap, twine, and, if present, wire cage.


To plant a tree grown in a nursery container, dig a hole the same depth as the soil in the pot and twice as wide. If the tree is root bound, poke a knife into any circling, matted roots to separate them. Plant so the root flare )at the base of the trunk) is uncovered with no bark beneath the soil.


The most affordable option, these dormant trees come with moist packing material around their roots. Just before planting, swish roots in a slurry of soil and water. Dig a hole as deep and wide as the longest roots, mound soild in the center, and spread roots down the mound sides. Fill the hole, patting firmly to avoid air pockets and making sure al the trunk is above the soil.

We would like to recommend a BRAND NEW Plow, Hoe Tool, Planting Gardening Tool, Ho Mi

Ho Mi
Ho Mi – All In One Gardening Tool

Homi (Korean: 호미), also known as a Korean hand plow,[1][2] is a short-handled traditional farming tool used by Koreans.[3][4][5] It is a farming tool that removes grasses from paddies and fields.[6] It is also used when plowing a rice field, planting seeds, plowing up soil, and digging potatoes in fields. It is a farming tool inspired by the hoe. It is an important extension of agriculture from the ancient times because the homi was excavated in the Bronze Age historic site of the Pyeongnam Mangsan Daepyeong-ri and the early Iron Age historic site of Yangpyong, Gyeonggi Province.[7]

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Photographer: Diana Kadreva | Source: Unsplash

Finding profitable products to sell is on every seller’s priority list. The problem most sellers face is doing endless searches only to find highly saturated categories and products with no profit. Ugh!

Product research can be a real time waster if you do not have a process. The good news is you do not have to stay stuck in a circle when looking for profitable products.

Here are a few steps to perform proper product research.

Step 1: Start with a problem or need

Searching for product
Photographer: Marten Newhall | Source: Unsplash

Instead of looking for bestselling items or competitive data to find products, start with a problem or need. Every product on the market meets a specific need or solves a problem. For example:

A puppy owner purchases food to keep their dog living a long, healthy, active lifestyle. They look for the dog food that will best meet the nutritional needs of their canine companion instead of purchasing food designed for senior dogs.

An office worker looking for a solution that will eliminate pain in their feet, knees, and back may purchase a footrest for under their desk.

While looking for products to sell, think about who will buy the product and how they will use it. Ask yourself: What problem does the product solve? What need does it meet that sets it apart from other items in the marketplace?

Step 2: Niche down

Organize your niche
Photographer: Erol Ahmed | Source: Unsplash

Once you find a category or products, look for smaller sub-niches to find less saturated products you may have overlooked that have less competition.

We use MerchantWords to do a broad search in order to find these more specific and less competitive products. Here’s an example:

First, do a general search for “guitar parts.”

Next, scroll down to the “sweet spot” – these are the search terms with between 3000 and 6000 searches per month where you can find sub-niches. You can also find these keywords using the filters in the upper right corner. Some sellers might run for the hills thinking these numbers are really low, but we challenge you to rethink that.

In this 30-day search volume span, there are many hidden niches with very little competition. When the demand outweighs the supply, there is money to be made.

The further down you go on the list, the more detailed the keywords become. These are sub-niches ready for you to explore.

Step 3: Validate your idea with other platforms

Research on Social Media
Photographer: Tim Bennett | Source: Unsplash

While conducting product research, it is important to check other platforms. Compare your product ideas with the number of listings or posts on eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Pinterest, or other marketplaces. While reviewing these other sites, take note of similar products and listings to gain a new perspective on what sells well in the new sub-niche you have discovered.

Step 4: Look at the competition

Photographer: Geng Sittipong Sirimaskasem | Source: Unsplash

Make sure to look at existing products to validate if the demand is greater than the supply.

Let’s say you’re researching "dish drying racks for recreational vehicles (RV)." You find that there are only a handful of products and 3000 searches a month. Great! There is room for your product.

On the other hand, if you found 3000 searches and 200 existing products in the same niche, you should start researching another niche. If demand is greater than supply, you have a potential winner. If supply is greater than demand, it’s time to move on to another niche.

The key to finding profitable products is looking where others aren’t. Plain and simple, your competition is lazy. They want the low hanging fruit – the easy to find products. A little extra digging into the keywords and exploring other platforms will give you a bigger picture of the marketplace, as well as a competitive advantage.

Happy hunting!

If you need any help on finding Amazon products or keyword, you can always contact us at iARTidea

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AliExpress DropShipping Automation, my review no.1

AliExpress DropShipping Automation, my review no.1

AliExpress DropShipping Automation, my review no.1

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation – Photographer: Blake Wisz | Source: Unsplash

Wonderful plugin's found! Are you a drop shipper?

Then, you really want to check this out!

(Before I make a review video, I wanted to share with you this powerful Drop ship automation plugin quicker)

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
Excited – Photographer: Japheth Mast | Source: Unsplash

I found this plugin from watching another drop shipping expert private videos. They are using this WordPress Plugin for their automation drop shipping sales!


What is drop shipping by the way?

1) You build your website by using WordPress or other platforms

2) Find your niche products from other bigger websites

3) Add products on your sites

4) When you make sales, buy these products where you brought the products from

5) Deliver it to your customer

So, basically, when you make sales, you purchase the same products from other sites and set the shipping address to your customer's.

You may ask if you don't know how to build your WordPress sites, or you are running of time?

Busy Life
Busy Life? – Photographer: Catherine Heath | Source: Unsplash

ALI-DROPSHIP will make a site for you. There is a service fee, but they will do all the complex works.

Why WordPress?

I have so many experiences in SEO and website building software. WordPress seems a complicating platform because you will need plugins to add some fancy featuring to your website. And, you must update the plugins to the latest version to make sure to void hackers entering your website admin dashboard.

But, still, the WordPress is the top Management system.

The main reason I am using WordPress is the blog.

The blog is not just sharing news or diary. It builds backlinks which is more easy chance to view to people. To rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is better.

I always use the software, "My Traffic Jacker" to find the expired domain names, and make PBN sites. Of course, PBN sites are all WordPress.

"My Traffic Jacker"

I also use the StoryChief software to write an article and post it to all my PBN sites and social media accounts.


That's my daily job.

daily job
daily job – Photographer: RU Recovery Ministries | Source: Unsplash


ALI-DROPSHIP uses AliExpress site to do a dropship

ALI-DROPSHIP does all automatically. I mean they provide the filters to find your niche products.

-One click to add that product on your website

-PRICING AUTOMATION, this feature is the best.

This plugin will automatically follow up the prices and when the item is sold out, your item quantity will go zero. Yes, everything will work automatically.

-When any customers buy products from you? You click one button inside of your admin dashboard to add customers shipping information on AliExpress site

AliExpress? What is that?

AliExpress is an E-commerce site and one of the biggest sites worldwide can do a dropship.

Ok, but most of the products are from China? Can you trust it? What about the shipping? What about the invoices?

Inside of the AliExpress platform, you can check customers feedback and purchase history. You can easily filter that way to find better suppliers.

Moreover, AliExpress has a shipping option calls ePacket. ePacket is the fastest and cheapest shipping option for USA customers.

I purchased some products for testing it myself. I, of course, added a note to the seller not to add invoice and promotional material.

It took me about 2 weeks to get the product and arrived with great condition.

Additionally, Ali-Dropship offers the ePacket Shipping Filter.

Some AliExpress sellers do not offer ePacket shipping service. So, this ePacket filter option is a shortcut to find the right suppliers for you.

To me, Ali-Dropship plugin does everything essential.

I always thought to have time for me to find the developer to build this similar plugin or software. But, I guess I am a bit late 🙂

In the next few days, I am going to make review videos. I don't think I can show you everything in one video. I will make some series for the dropship methods and the plugins I use for eCommerce sites.

Ali-Dropship will be the main and the most important plugin amongst for all.

Not only that you will find a FREE ebook at the Ali-Dropship site.


Make sure to download it and read to learn great tactics.

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AliExpress DropShipping Automation

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation

AliExpress DropShipping Automation