10Web Discount, All In One Managing all WordPress

10Web Discount, All In One Managing all WordPress

10Web Discount
10Web Discount

I recently purchased 10Web for managing all my websites in one dashboard.

10Web Discount
10Web Discount

If you have just one WordPress site will be so much easier to manage. But, if you have more than 10 websites, you need something to update all your plugins and theme up to date to make sure the hackers will not enter your sites.

10web provides a Google hosting a free of charge for 1 year. But, you don't need to use their hosting. You can keep your sites from somewhere else, and connect with 10web.

Here are the features you can do with 10web.


This is one of the top problems for WordPress users not to update plugins and theme. The top WordPress developers always announce that hackers will enter your site that is not up to date plugins and theme.

And, Plugins and Theme supposed to compatible together, but old updated plugins will not work with new updated plugins and theme. That means your website will corrupt and start to see the error messages anywhere. Unfortunately, WordPress is a machine made by code, not an AI. It's silent if they are sick or old. And, start to see the issue. When it happens, you have to uninstall all plugins and install one by one to find which plugin has an issue. Inside of the plugins page, you can install or delete.

And scheduling update daily weekly or monthly.

Not only that 10web provides Performance score.

+Test your website's load time.

+Find Speed Issues

+Get Useful Optimization Tips for Performance Boost

Image Optimization

When you add a high-quality heavy image, your site will need power and time to load it for your users. Even though you have a powerful hosting provider, the user will feel it's a bit slow to load that image. So, 10web added Image Optimization feature to make sure your site needs less work, but still not breaking image quality and load faster.


Backup is one of the top priority works to do for all website owners. WordPress site can be broken at anywhere and any reason. Once it happens, it will hard to fix without a pro developer involved. Nowadays, some hosting companies provide daily or weekly backup files for you. Or you can find tons of other plugin developers offer a good backup plugin. But, what if you have more than 3 WordPress sites will costly and need time to check each site for the backup files. Over years of my experience with WordPress, you will definitely need at least weekly Backups.


Without your website SEO, your targeted visitors will hard to find your website. It's the fact that there are millions of sites are out there to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to their online marketing agencies to build links and promote their businesses. It doesn't matter which hosting companies you are using or plugin, you will need at least a basic knowledge to understand how the search algorithm works. You can follow step by step what 10Web suggests for you.


When I first time built a website, I didn't know about the 10Web. I built a website anything I want. And I broke several times. If I knew 10Web security feature, I would not go a hard way to understand how important it is. The security feature will show all red flag links to fix, so the hacker will less chance to enter your website.

Usage Summary

I know you want to have a statistic of how many visitors you have daily. Usage Summary will provide you analytics, the total storage of your database and files.

Once you click on Enable to all features, 10web will install each plugin for you to your website.

If you want to add your website, you can click on the ADD WEBSITE.

There are two options to install a brand new website using 10Web's hosting or connect your website with 10web.

I was thinking to create a website using 10Web since Elementor, drag and drop website design tool and plugins already installed; complete design first and use backup files to migrate to my hosting.

With using 10web hosting, you can use their subdomain and connect your website later or use your own domain name right away.

I already created one. You can check the default website design by clicking EYE icon, W for the backend. Three dots to remove your website.

Before I show you the backend site, I want to show you one great feature if you use 10Web hosting.

Click Manage, and you will find Live Environment.

You can choose the option to change Live or Staging. If the site is for client's, to hide a new design and process, you can choose the Staging Environment option. Or, if you want to test out new plugins and some fancy codes you want to add, Staging Environment option will be a good choice.

Now, you are looking at the default Backend site with 10Web hosting.

Speed is great, and some plugins installed already.

I always go to the settings to work on Site Title, Tagline, and Timezone.

And, move to the Permalinks to choose Post name option. Well, it's already selected for me.

I go to the Appearance to delete all unused themes.

And, go to the Pages to add Homepage.

Plugins page to install my plugins. You can delete or add any plugins you want.

And, I start to use Elementor to create each page design. If you use another design tool, you can delete Elementor and install it to your site.

If you want to check your account details, you can click the icon on the top right.

What do you think about the 10Web? I purchased 2 codes for 60 connects sites without using their hosting, 3 sites for using their hosting with 10 GB SSD Storage. After testing and making this video, I decided to get more codes.

I think I will mainly use 10Web for all my sites and clients.

I really hope you understand the 10Web. And grab the deal before they are gone.

10Web Discount

10Web Discount

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