InVideo Discount

InVideo Discount

InVideo Discount
InVideo Discount

Today, I wanted to make a review of the new software deal, InVideo. You can watch the video to decide to take the deal or skip it for other software 🙂

InVideo is an all in one software can create Storytelling version or short version for your advertisement videos.

I already use the Clipman for the video advertisement, but this software does not allow me to customize the video.

With the InVideo software, you can customize the texts, colors, images, adding stickers, etc. Their library is not sufficient for all elements, but it gives some basics which will be "ok" create a short video.

InVideo Articles to Video
InVideo Articles to Video

InVideo team announced that they would add some more great features in a few days.

InVideo New Feature
InVideo New Feature

In my video, I tried to cover many features as possible, so I did some fast forward the video to make it as short as possible. I understand that some part is not clear enough, so please leave a comment right below if you want to share anything about this video.

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Blog comments; Why and how blog comments can still benefit your marketing and SEO

Blog comments

Why and how blog comments can still benefit your marketing and SEO

Blog comments
Photographer: Fancycrave | Source: Unsplash
Blog comments

While blogging is a fantastic way to share information about your business and industry, to educate your audience and build trust, it’s a one-way street. You’re the only one doing the talking. But when you allow comments you’re no longer just broadcasting but encouraging a two-way dialogue with your readers.

But of course maintaining a comment section takes time and resources. It’s not uncommon for popular bloggers to spend hours addressing comments, hours that they could use to craft another post, or handle other tasks to promote their blog further. Then there’s the issue of spam, which can have a negative impact on your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

So do blog comments still matter or help in any way, especially now that there are so many social media platforms available to discuss a piece of content?

It depends on your goals. Many businesses have chosen to take the conversation to social media and remove blog comments, like we did, because they have a big following and believe more people can join in the conversation this way.

But if you’re a small business just getting started online, and you’re only now taking the steps to grow your social media following, having a comments section on your blog is encouraged and can prove to be beneficial to your business. Here’s why…

How comments can benefit your marketing

Here are just a few reasons why having a comments section on your blog can benefit your marketing efforts:

Direct interaction with your audience

When people don’t have access to a human aspect, they find it easier to dismiss a blog as just a brand or a faceless entity that doesn’t care. The blog comments section gives you the unique opportunity to do a little PR by appearing reachable and human.

Also, having a comments section where you interact with people shows that your blog is not a one-way street, where you blast your content out to them and you’re unwilling to hear from your readers. This is particularly important if you’re trying to build your blog traffic.

Build authority

When you see a blog post with a good number of comments, it usually indicates a certain authority. But authority isn’t built just by publishing a great blog post and having lots of comments from your readers. You can build it further by replying to comments and interacting with your readers. So read the comments you receive and answer questions and concerns, and add to the conversation to show the world you know you’re knowledgeable and an expert in your field.

The enjoyment of being a regular

A coffee shop that I go to almost daily knows what I’m going to order before I order it. I love that. It’s one of the great things about being a regular.

So your comments section is where the regulars gather. After some time, they’ll get to know each other and your blog. They can help turn your blog from being just a blog, or a sequential posting of articles, into a conversation that happens every time you post new content. So think of the blog comments section as the coffee house of the web, where you introduce the topic of conversation, and then regulars start discussing it.

Makes conversations easier to follow

Allowing social media to be the primary platform for conversation on your content may bring some interaction, but it’ll likely be for a short time. That’s because conversation on social media fades away as the news feeds change.

What’s more, a conversation happening in many different places becomes fragmented, diluted, and difficult to follow. Different people might be saying interesting things about your content on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, but you don’t always know about it. It’s frustrating.

So, a comments section makes it easier for readers who find your blog content to follow along and make sense of how the conversation goes.

Of course, you also have other options that can help bring that “outside” conversation back onto your own blog. Many blogs use comment systems like Disqus or Livefyre that help tie your blog’s comments into that social pulse.

Build a community on a platform you own

You don’t own your presence on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. These platforms come and go, but your blog is forever. If all conversation on your content is happening on social networks, what will you do in the event these data silos move on and all that great content is lost?

Stands as social proof of your blog

If you see a blog post with lots of comments, you’ll probably be curious to know what people are talking about. Furthermore, you’ll be more likely to join in when there are plenty more in the conversation. This is social proof: when we see a crowd, we think there must be something good happening there. So if you have a comments section, make sure to do your best to encourage people to jump in as comments help encourage more comments.

A great place to get new ideas for fresh content

If you’re looking for new content ideas for your blog, the comments section is a good place for idea generation. It’s a group of people batting ideas around. So use the additional tips, advice and questions from your readers to create a new interesting blog post (or two or three).

How comments can help boost your SEO

But comments aren’t just beneficial for your marketing efforts. They can also help boost your SEO efforts.

You already know that Google loves quality content. That doesn’t just refer to the content you produce, but also to the ones your readers produce – in this case, comments.

Google’s John Mueller confirmed Google views comments as part of a page’s content, also adding that comments are a positive signal when they’re insightful and add to the conversation:

In a Hangout in 2014, John Mueller said great comments can be a positive thing for a website.

“That’s something where we essentially try to treat these comments as part of your content. So if these comments bring useful information in addition to the content that you’ve provided also on these pages, then that could be a really good addition to your website. It could really increase the value of your website overall. If the comments show that there’s a really engaged community behind there that encourages new users when they go to these pages to also comment, to go back directly to these pages, to recommend these pages to their friends, that could also be a really good thing.”

So if you’re getting good comments, they not only add to the quality content on your page, they also show user engagement and can reflect how popular and authoritative your site really is.

And here’s another SEO benefit to consider: if a reader leaves a good comment, they’re more likely to come back and revisit your blog to read new comments, or even visit other pages on your blog and website. Plus, those who leave a comment are also more likely to link to your page so others can read their comment too. This is also a good way to earn links.

Be careful, comments can get spammy

Just like you ensure your blog posts are high quality and bring value to the conversation, you should also do the same with the comments you receive. Why? Because while great comments can boost a site in the search results, poor quality comments can have a negative impact on your website.

Let’s explain. It’s not just Google that values and rewards great content (or punishes low-quality one), but also your users. If they see lots of auto-approved spam content selling pharmaceuticals and get rich quick scams, they will perceive your blog (and your site, by extension) as being low quality, even if the blog post might be very high quality. But if the comments are interesting, useful and add value to the conversation, users are more likely to stick around and join the discussion.

So make sure you’re constantly reviewing comments and not approving low quality or spammy ones.

If you’re worried about spammy comments negatively affecting your site, make sure to read Google’s tips on how to prevent spam.

Here’s a short overview:

  • Keep your software up-to-date and pay extra attention to important security updates. You don’t want spammers taking advantage of security issues or vulnerabilities in the older versions.
  • Add a CAPTCHA like reCAPTCHA that requires users to confirm they’re human beings and not an automated script.
  • Close old and inactive comment threads. If you have posts with lots of comments but people are no longer adding new comments, you might consider disabling any new comments for that post to prevent spammers from abusing it.
  • Moderate all comments. You should review all comments before they go live. Now, if you have a popular blog and think you don’t have time to review all comments, you could at least require moderating for comments with links to ensure no spam gets through.
  • Blacklist spammy or inappropriate terms like phrases related to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Use the “nofollow” attribute for links in the comment field. This will prevent spammers from targeting your site. There are blogging sites (such as Blogger) that automatically add this attribute to any posted comment.
  • Use anti-spam tools like Akismet to prevent spam on your blog and site.

Wrapping up

If you’re blogging for business, know that real value results from a community dialogue that leads to loyal, emotional connection. You can’t achieve that if you’re preventing your audience from interacting with you, and each other, on your blog.

Now, if you fear the issue of comments, look at moderating the low-quality ones instead of removing them altogether.


Blog comments

DIBZ, Find the link building opportunities

DIBZ, Find the link building opportunities, SEO agency must have link building software

DIBZ, Find the link building opportunities

<For this video, I will use the Amazon Polly again because my baby sings the song now>

DIBZ, Find the link building opportunities

Today, I wanted to share with you about the software deal, DIBZ.

Before I was reading their free ebook, I did not know why I would need to purchase DIBZ. DIBZ is the web-based software to find the best link building opportunities. This software will not create automatic backlinks, but for the SEO agencies will need DIBZ for finding the right contents and domain authorities possibly to build the links for the right SEO methods.

It's a bit confusing, right? I highly recommend reading their free ebook, "101 Questions." This ebook is about 55 pages, IT IS A SUPER COOL EBOOK.

DIBZ , Free eBook
DIBZ, Free eBook

You will be learning so much more in this ebook for SEO terms and some strategies. I read it all and I printed them in the paper to use as my dictionary 😀

I hope you find DIBZ is needed for your business and learn the SEO tactics.

(Please watch the video to learn about what you will get with the software)




PlayBoost Video Thumbnail, best to increase your video clicks

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail, best to increase your video clicks

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail
PlayBoost Video Thumbnail

PlayBoost is the new software has launched recently. I wanted to share this new software at a discounted price if you are interested in posting videos to your blog sites or clients'.

It's actually a simple marketing method software to make it more visible to users to play your video.


– Unlimited Animated Thumbnails

– All Major Video Platforms Supported

– 50+ Premium Overlays Included

– Huge Image & GIF Library

– Text Call-to-Actions & Pre-Sets

– Emojis

– Play Button Templates

– Animations

– YouZign Integration

– Mobile & Desktop Friendly

– 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

– 24/7 Customer Support Team

– BONUS #1 WordPress Plugin

– BONUS #2 Video Training Template

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail

PlayBoost Video Thumbnail


StockUnlimited, Download everything

StockUnlimited or Stock Unlimited honest review/ Download unlimited vectors, images, Audios, Fonts, and some premiums.



Must have for designers, marketers, business owners, Bloggers, Video editors…..

Stock Unlimited is now on DEAL to download unlimited vectors and images at one time cost!

Not like the other deals, your account will active for 3 years as an unlimited version.

I have been their customer since 2016. I purchased their unlimited everything plan. That time, there was no download audio, fonts, templates, or some other collections. So, I have to repurchase the deal again if I want to use their Audio and Fonts.

With the deal today, you can access to all sections and download unlimited times.

If you are making social media photos, you can visit this site to check the size and create your own design.


When you download the photos will be a print-ready size. If you need bigger than 5000 px, you will need to contact the support team.

For the blog sites will be more than enough to use.

Both photos and vectors, you can straight to use StockUnlimited editor software. It's an easy and faster way to customize your design.

In the video, I showed some of the features you might use often.

If you are interested in the 3 years of using Stock Unlimited, you can click the link to visit and grab the deal today!

StockUnlimited All details REVEALED! Enjoy my honest review video!



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Pinflux, Pinterest automatic marketing management software, new software launch special deal


Pinterest automatic marketing management software, new software launch special deal


I will be using the Amazon Polly for this video.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software

Today, I wanted to show you about the new software deal, Pinflux.

The developer of this Pinflux software is the Teknik Force. I wanted to mention their name because they do the support all their software constantly. I often made videos which abandoned software that could make us waste our time and money.

To void this incident, I will try not to promote or show you the software in my Channel.

Let me talk about Pinflux now.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software

Pinflux is the Pinterest software that helps you to manage your Pinterest account or multi accounts to find right pins depending on your keywords, Repin, Follow Board, Unfollow, Follow user and unfollow, and show you the report and error if there is any.

You can manually find the pin, follow and unfollow easily. But, you should remember that only one account may not be so powerful to promote your business or products. To manage more than one account will need more time to spend. So, the Pinflux software can help you with managing all accounts free from headache.

CLICK HERE to learn about the software


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Ora Honest Review, Task Management Software One Time Cost Deal

Ora Honest Review, Task Management Software One Time Cost Deal

Ora Honest Review, Task Management Software One Time Cost Deal

Ora Honest Review
Ora Honest Review
Ora Honest Review

I wanted to make the second video to review the software, Ora. My first video was not a review, so you can skip the first one and watch this one.

Now, I will show you how you can manage each project by using Ora. Once you purchase the deal price at $39 one time cost, you will get a code or more codes depending on how many you purchase the deal.

I did not even watch their tutorial video or tried to find it because it is so easy to navigate.

There are only a few buttons on the left side.

This first button is to check your existing projects. I already made three. You can customize the project name, icon, and setting.

When you click one of the projects, you can customize each section instead of using default To do, InProgress and Done. You can add more or delete.

Each task, you can add easily when you want to move each task to a different section, you can simply drag and drop.

To add a new project, there is a plus button on the top left.

Click the new project, and choose your desired template. Of course, you can choose not to use any template or change it later.

You can also click on Create Organization if you want the separate works.

Ora software is for who is doing a lot of works to remember each task and manage them for yourself or with your team. I already use Ora for all my tasks to be checked or reviewed. If I missed something in this video, please leave a comment. I will try to add it later.

I highly recommend grabbing the Ora deal since it's only $39 to use the software.

You can click the link to access to the deal site to learn more about it.

Thank you for watching, and I will make more great videos.

If there is anything have an issue to watch the video, you can visit here,

Ora Honest Review

WordPress Image Tutorial

WordPress Image Tutorial

WordPress Image Tutorial, How to make your WordPress site images show your Frontend?

WordPress Image Tutorial

I often receive a message from our student why they do not see their images on their frontend design, but backend for the WordPress website.

I wanted to make this quick video to share with you one simple method to show your images. (Please note that this will work only for the WordPress user)

If this method does not work for you, this could be a different reason, https, format, hosting, or etc.

When you install WordPress, Jetpack is one of the plugins comes with it. I personally use Jetpack for many things, so I use it all the time.

It does not matter whether you are using a FREE or PAID version. If you don't see your image on your frontend, YOU CAN TRY DISABLING THE WORDPRESS JETPACK SETTING.

WordPress Image Tutorial
WordPress Image Tutorial

All you want is to go to the Jetpack -> settings

and disabling "Performance & Speed"

Once, it's saved, refresh your page. You will immediately see your images.



Greenies, DOG DENTAL ISSUE! How to prevent tartar teeth?

Greenies, DOG DENTAL ISSUE! How to prevent tartar teeth?

Greenies, 130 quantities for small to big dogs.

If you care about your dog, you want to check this product.


If you are a family with dogs, you know how important it is to maintain their health. One of the essential parts of a dog's health care is Teeth. The reason I made this video because to give you a simple idea to prevent tartar teeth, so my little buddy does not suffer.

I have been asking so many different vets to get the answer to prevent the dog teeth issue. Some vets recommended brushing their teeth, but it was not easy. So, I asked again to vets and some experts; they mentioned giving a treat "Greenies."

I started to give treat Greenies 1 per day. And, now it's almost 8 years for my buddy enjoyed Greenies. I could see that the tartar issues prevented slowly. I don't think Greenies will remove tartar but it prevents. If your dog needs scaling, you can try the PetSmart.

Which Greenies do you need for your dogs?

My buddy is YorkiePoo, 18lb.

You do not need to get something more expansive or bigger size Greenies. I always purchased 130 quantity Teenie Greenies for any size of dogs.

I give half of Greenies in the morning and night. So, 1 total.

You can find more information to click the link right below,

I tried to use other similar Greenies products, but it has never worked


You are reading

Greenies, DOG DENTAL ISSUE! How to prevent tartar teeth?

TrendyCom product review, Finding profitable dropshipping products

TrendyCom product review, Finding profitable dropshipping products

TrendyCom product review, Finding profitable dropshipping products


If you are looking for a product that can sell on your e-commerce store or finding a hot niche to sell on the Amazon or eBay, you really want to check this out!

Basic Trends Research Tool:

The software I want to show you is the Trendy Com.

I just purchased this software, and I already found some great products to prepare for the Valentines day if it's not too late.

In this video, I will show you each one of the tools how you can use the TrendyCom to research on finding hot niches.

I am using a lot of different platforms to sell products. So, to me, the TrendyCom is a great tool to give me refresh my brain.

In the Multi, you will find 5 different sections, Product Spy, Trend Spy, Trends 24, Buzzfeed Spy, and Trendhunter Spy.

Product Spy provides the AliExpress Hot Selling products.

Since AliExpress site is not only for the United States customers, you will need a little more research on finding products to sell. All these products are for the Worldwide hot selling products.

Trend Spy provides research your own keywords.

4 different sections are given here

1) "Info" to use the Wiki to get information

2) Youtube to pull out the videos

3) Articles to find related to your keywords

4) Products, TrendyCom will find what products are selling on online.

(This one gives me great ideas for doing the dropshipping)

Trends 24 Spy shows you what's the trends each hour. If you are sensitive to find the trend and create articles or videos, this is what you need.

Buzzfeed and Trendhunter will pull out the hot articles and your keywords articles to think broad.

I am happy with my purchase, so I will keep it for my business.

For the other upgrade versions also will provide tons of research tool,

Pro for Shopify stores,

Gold for other E-commerce tools (Amazon, eBay, Target, Some other bonuses)

Platinum is for Wish and other popular platforms.

I will make other videos for these tools how you can use for your business 🙂

Make sure subscribe my channel to follow up.

Make sure to click the link right below to check the official website with a huge discounted price and Bonus

(You will find $5 off coupon inside)

Basic Trends Research Tool:




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