FindThatLead Review How to collect for email marketing

FindThatLead Review How to collect for email marketing

How to collect for email marketing? Purchase from Fiverr? eBay? Or somewhere else? That will not help at all because real emails will not be shared with others because it’s real money.

So, the real answer for how to find the right and real email addresses? You can create an optin pages to offer a free ebook or other gifts to make people submit their emails. But, this seems to take forever to get the result right?

Our solution is using the FindThatLead collect emails software. It’s not a black hat or a nulled software you are finding it. It’s a real marketing software that you can use it to collect tons of emails. Right targeted and real people email addresses. 

We are not bringing the software without the deal, Appsumo deal is now on for this FindThatLead at only $49 one time fee only! 


**Find emails and new customers with just a few clicks

**Perform advanced searches based on tags (location, job position, etc.)

**Send email campaigns (unlimited emails) from within FindThatLead

**Use the SnapThatLead feature to scan and upload business cards by taking a picture

Here are what you will get,

**Lifetime Access to FindThatLead AppSumo Plan

**2000 credits every month forever

**Prospector: Advanced search on dashboard to find emails based on tags (location, job position…)

**User Management: Invite one additional user to your account

**Import CSV + Google Spreadsheet Add-on

**Google Chrome extension

**SnapThatLead – scan and upload business card by taking a picture

**Campaigns tool – Send emails from FTL

**Dedicated customer support

**Lifetime updates to plan

****60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

2000 credits for every month! 

Please watch the FindThatLead review video to get a little more idea about the software. 

The offer will expire soon. So, hurry up to test it and let us know what you think! We will also keep this software deal and use it for our business 🙂

Let’s share the thoughts together! 

You can click the link below will redirect to the deal page. When you see the “SOLD OUT,” then it’s gone already.

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Online screenshot capture tool CloudApp Discount

Are you looking for an Online screenshot capture tool? 

We brought this awesome software deal naemd CloudApp. We are also using CloudApp for our business and installed all of our computers. 

How does it work? Is it really worth to try? 

Our answer is yes. We are using the MAC at our office, and each MAC has it’s own feature to make screenshots. Yes, we used it all the time. And, sometimes, we needed to share the screenshot images with our clients easily instead of sending a bunch. We used our server to upload and deleted after. But, now we are using the CloudApp. And, we are free to upload and delete all our images manually. 

We make screenshots and it creates an instant link to share. We highly recommend at least to try this software, Online screenshot capture tool. It’s awesome great software to save your time and money. 

Now, in a short time, CloudApp will offer you the special price. Only….$39 one-time fee to get a lifetime deal. Click the link below to learn more about the deal! Don’t miss this deal before it’s gone forever.


Buy social media traffic Role of social media in digital marketing

Buy social media traffic? Role of social media in digital marketing?  Social media affiliate marketing?

“Discover ​How You Can Smartly Use Social Media To Generate A ​SURGE Of Traffic And Sales To ​Your websites…”

​”Uncover the closely guarded secrets of top social media marketers. Nothing has been left out in this course!..”

​Hey, my name is Monica Butaran, just like you I am also an aspiring online entrepreneur. For sure you are one of those so wanting to use social media as platform to generate traffic to your site… 

…But it seems quite hard to figure out where you will start. right?…

And I have to admit… it was damn hard at the start…!

I have tried a lot of courses, bought a lot of ebook. And still not giving me the result that I wanted.

But I didn’t give up. The search continue for my business to scale up. Because I know SOCIAL MEDIA is the way to my traffic and sales…

Obviously, millions of traffic can easily targeted using the social media. – Only if you know how to use it smartly!…

For many business owners they find it hard to go at it alone on social media. And I get that. Are you one of them?..

And there are too many platforms to choose from. Which sometimes drive us crazy! We don’t know where to start… We don’t know what to use…! And how to use it smartly!..

And there are far too many ‘gurus’ giving out bad advice. – Please run! once you find them!..

So here’s my question to you – Have you never tried your hand at social media marketing?

… or if you have, 

but you failed miserably?

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…but that is fine… coz’ I got you covered… Let’s check out why you are here…

“The Common Pitfalls That Many Marketers Are Facing Right Now…”

​You’re not getting any traffic to your site. If you are, it’s mostly from your mom and dad, your siblings, and your best friends. 

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You don’t know anything about social media. Zero. Nada. Zilch. 

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We are entrepreneurs… we should be better marketers… and we are here to win… right? And believe it or not… Social Media Traffic is the way to winning it all!

Fortunately for you, we have created the only course you will ever need so you can succeed in social media! 

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GDPR Suite Honest Review

GDPR Suite Honest Review

Who Needs To Be GDPR Compliant?

Don’t think you’ve dodged a bullet just because you don’t live in an EU member country. The GDPR doesn’t only apply to Businesses based in the EU.

– If anyone from the EU visits your website, you are required to be fully compliant with this brand new regulation.

– If your website uses cookies or integrates with 3rd party websites that use cookies, you must be GDPR compliant.

– If you get leads from people in the EU or people from the EU share any personal data with you, you absolutely MUST be GDPR compliant.

Get GDPR Suite Now And Get Compliant Today!

– It’s easy to setup GDPR Suite without needing to hire coders, designers, or anyone else

– Everything you need to become GDPR compliant within minutes is included in the GDPR Suite

– The GDPR Suite dynamically removes sensitive data in your WordPress database and automatically removes user data from 3rd party services and APIs keeping you compliant and ensuring you avoid the massive fines imposed by GDPR noncompliance

– The GDPR Suite works with any website, blog, or eCom store running on WordPress

– With just a few clicks of your mouse, your website will be fully GDPR compliant when you use the GDPR Suit

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Online beauty booking system – Online hotel booking system pro

Online beauty booking system is the best WordPress plugin that can do Online hotel booking system or book anything you want for your clients. Visit us today to get this free to use unlimited online booking system!

very Business Needs Appointment Booking Platform

Not Just Marketers, Consultants , Authors etc But also Every Auto Shop, RealEstate Agents, Salons etc

Booking Calendar Features

–   Guest/Registered User Bookings
–   Multiple Calendars In 1 Setup
–   Unlimited Time Slots
–    Automatic/Manual Approval
–    Emails :  New Appt , Pending , Cancellation
–    Appointment Reminder Emails
–    Export Appointments to Google/iOS
–    Appointment Buffer Times
–    Customize Calendar Colors
–    WordPress Short Codes
–    Works on All WP Versions